Our Pioneers, Builders of our Township and our County

Webber Township, Jefferson County, Illinois

Hi! Welcome! Good to see you. Come on in, relax, poke around and get acquainted - you can't hurt anything and nothing can hurt you. There's lots of new people here, too numerous to list, so give them some time, some attention, get acquainted, enjoy!

In these pages you find many of our earliest settlers that first opened Webber Township and Jefferson County, Illinois. The land in Webber was mostly heavily forested and just as Nature made it, so 'opening' it was not a trivial task. A settler's land claim, often their prize for a long and hard journey, was also their only resource for shelter and food - there were no convenience stores!

Roads too had to be cleared and built - all the roads we see today were initially just a line of survey stakes off through the wilderness.

Many settlers did come, did survive and did thrive of course. And they did multiply, forming what is uniquely Webber Township and Jefferson County - Our People. This is the story of Our People, their progeny and their connections down through the years.

Roots and origins were the starting place for everybody here and naturally are our starting point as well. We've used the tools of genealogy to help tell the story of Our People because they can organize hundreds of people in minute detail, and every person is instantly accessible by name or birthright. But most important of all, these tools never mask or lump the individual - the true history maker.

Our focus remains Webber but connections and progeny occasionally lead us to other townships, counties and even states - this was a very mobile society for a world without trains and cars and it only became more so through time.

Go get your popcorn and a favorite drink and plan to sit a spell - you should eventually find yourself or your family line. (If you're not listed here, send us your data, you could be in the next cycle.)

Hint: On the Pedigree Chart, the little boxes across the top lead you backwards in time, and the Family Links box on your right brings you forward in time. Practice traveling up, across and down the various family lines until you find one you like, perhaps your own. Try it, we think you'll like it.

Oh, you'll get lost all right, but the Back button helps. Really lost? Just go to the bottom of any page and hit Table of Contents - you'll be instantly brought back to today - start again. And the Surname List and Index of Names are always here as safety nets, even if they seem too easy like cheating at Solitaire or something.

Meanwhile, many hours of work by many serious people have been put into the research and documentation of these Pioneers. We hope you will benefit from the information. Enjoy, come back often.

Open appeal: A work like this needn't have a beginning nor end and could well have a broad middle. If you have a family history or study that touches on Webber Township and Jefferson County, Illinois, and you would like to see it become part of this coordinated story, we'd like to see it too, all of us would. Send it in!

If you have some old correspondence or first-person accounts that bear upon life and living in early Jefferson County, we'd like that too.

Errors and typos? We know they're here, the rascals! they hide so well. But please send in those you see - your eyes and minds are needed here.

Credits and Thanks: Our thanks to these family researchers who so generously contributed to the results you see here: Georgia Jines Borah, Lucille Nichols, Clyde and Gale Howell, Glena Piper, Sandy Bauer, Patricia Staley, Steve Terrell, John Bennett, LaDonna Green Bates, Joe Bob Green, Clara Donoho, Janet Donoho Johnson, Beverly White Murphy, John Furby, Ronald Schulz, Karen Marlow, Mae Etta Chapman, Jeanette O'Boyle, Stefanie Richardson, Peggy Green, Mary Zinzileta, Jim Thompson, Dale Jackson, Ann Hecathorn, Linda Mick Short, Charlie Tower, Karen Back Simmons, Candice A. Poole, Earline Pepple Clemins. Those we've forgotton or never known are appreciated if unacknowledged. Thanks to you all - Sharon White Hiltibidal and Jack White

Table of Contents

bullet  Pedigree Chart for All of Us, Starting With Eva Lena Shelton Wilson
bullet  Surname List
bullet  Index of Names

Auxillary Descendants Reports*

bullet  William Jasper Shelton Family
bullet  George Wyatt Shelton Descendants
bullet  William I Shelton Descendants
bullet  Richard 'Searce' Sursa Descent
bullet  Joseph Henry Family
bullet  The Mark Chambliss Family
bullet  Azariah Bruce Descendants
bullet  Jonathan Catron Descendants
bullet  Henry Green Family
bullet  Captain David (Reece's father) Davis Descendants
bullet  Samuel S Moore Descendants
bullet  Thomas Green (Bluford's) Descendants

* Examples - email us for specific requests, we enjoy some flexibility here.

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